Happy St. Nikolaus!

by Hanna

(Mt. Adams at 6 am from “the Lodge” living room last year.)

Today is St. Nickolaus Day and the real beginning of the holiday season for me.  About a week ago, I put up my Santa flying over Mt. Fuji wall hanging, so my room is just about ready, but I will be going back to Oregon for the holiday and for New Year’s.  (That means, of course, that I miss yet another New Year in Kyoto.  We’ll have to remedy that maybe next year.)

In any case, to get the blog into the fun, I turned on the snow, although, of course, it is not actually snowing here in Japan. (My window is open for some fresh air on a sunny morning, but my feet are getting a bit cold.)  If, however, your computer has difficulties producing so much snow, you can be your own weather forecaster by turning it on and off here:

Stop snow.

Start snow.

Have a happy happy holiday season and enjoy all the festivities!  No matter what religion, family, sect, persuasion, feel the warmth!

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