Caring for Children’s Hearts

by Hanna

This story by NPR Morning Edition brought me to tears again.

This news story doesn’t directly address an issue that worries me, although it comes very close. Because the earthquake and tsunami happened in the middle of the day when families were separated at school, work, home, etc., a large number of children were orphaned by the disaster.

(An article I posted recently mentions a woman who used to be a dance instructor. Since the disaster, she has taken a number of orphaned children into her care.)

But, how can we help these young survivors, the next generation find their voice? How can we help them express not only their pain, but all the emotional challenges that come with being alive?

To begin with, they must be told that they are not alone. Their communities are not alone, either. People all over Japan and all over the world want to help. To help, however, we need to learn how to express our concern and how to listen to the children.

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