Bento Heaven

Noh bento

My apologies for not posting for so long. While I'm in the middle of a job transition and dedicating more time to my traditional arts studies, this blog has been set aside in the crunch. That is not to say that I haven't eaten delicious food recently or that I've not been cooking. On the contrary, but the time to compose a coherent post about each item has been lacking.

So, in an effort to make up for the vacuum, here's a picture of a bento lunch I got at a Noh performance last week. Beautiful, isn't it? And this is only the top tier of the box, which contains various vegetables, two shrimp, fried fish in a sauce, a tofu/shrimp ball, rolled omelet (tamago maki), stuffed cabbage, two oysters, and a piece of roasted eel (my favorite). In the lower tier was rice mixed with beans (indicating good fortune), some fruit, and a traditional Japanese sweet (wagashi).

All of the food was quintessential Kyoto, a far cry from the bento lunches you can buy at the convenience store on the corner (which are good in their own right, mind you). This bento was like an edible mosaic, each bite a different color. May the future hold more culinary opportunities like this.