Happy St. Nikolaus!

(Mt. Adams at 6 am from “the Lodge” living room last year.)

Today is St. Nickolaus Day and the real beginning of the holiday season for me.  About a week ago, I put up my Santa flying over Mt. Fuji wall hanging, so my room is just about ready, but I will be going back to Oregon for the holiday and for New Year’s.  (That means, of course, that I miss yet another New Year in Kyoto.  We’ll have to remedy that maybe next year.)

In any case, to get the blog into the fun, I turned on the snow, although, of course, it is not actually snowing here in Japan. (My window is open for some fresh air on a sunny morning, but my feet are getting a bit cold.)  If, however, your computer has difficulties producing so much snow, you can be your own weather forecaster by turning it on and off here:

Stop snow.

Start snow.

Have a happy happy holiday season and enjoy all the festivities!  No matter what religion, family, sect, persuasion, feel the warmth!

3 thoughts on “Happy St. Nikolaus!

  1. That’s a really nice effect. Quite tasteful. When I clicked over here, I expected to find a fairly garish effect… I should have known better coming from you.

  2. Hallo Hanna,

    auch ich wünsche Dir frohe Weihnachtsfeiertage. Ich fand es schön, dass Du mal wieder ein paar neue Beiträge geschrieben hast und so interessante noch dazu. Wenn ich etwas mehr Zeit habe, schreib ich dazu noch was.

    So lange wünsche ich Dir einfach ein frohes Fest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.

    Lieben Gruß,

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