I recently pulled out the barely used sketchbook I had bought a few years ago at an art supply store in Kyoto to draw what turned out to be my first completed self-portrait despite having taken drawing lessons years ago.

I was never very good at depicting people and usually gave up before I finished anything, but this time I think that despite a number of awkward areas, a resemblance not only to myself but also to the right mood is somehow there.

As I drew, middle school memories of drawing lessons with Mrs. Bently came back to me, and the resulting style is unsettlingly similar to hers.  However, I tried to depict not cute little children, but the world I live in when I’m sitting at work at my desk.

(Click to see the image in detail.)

2 thoughts on ““Ghosts”

  1. Hanna, this is beautiful. I agree, your portrait captures so many emotions that are involved with sitting down to work. I’m glad you’ve rediscovered drawing and look forward to more!

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