Stereoview Photography


(A stereoview photograph of maiko and children looking through a torn shoji screen taken in the Meiji period by T. Enami.)

I stumbled across a collection of stereoview photographs of Meiji Japan by a Japanese photographer named Enami Nobukuni (1859 – 1929), also known as T. Enami. It’s amazing how orientalist the themes of these pictures seem now, but the photographer was Japanese. Of course, many stereographs were exported to consumers in the US, Germany, and other countries. I chose a few of my favorites so far to show to you, but there are so many more that I haven’t even looked at yet.

To see more, see the huge collection of his work on Flickr, unfortunately with distracting descriptions that shouldn’t be given too much notice. The most detailed information I found about the photographer himself was here, although it is also written in a similar verbose style. For now, then, a couple more stereographs.

8 1/2 SUMO WRESTLERS with CEREMONIAL GARB (Or, How Come They Ain't FAT ?)

(Sumo wrestlers in ceremonial dress.)

BUTT NAKED JAPAN -- Meiji-era Beef-Cake at the Old Temple Well

(A not so lean man, perhaps also a sumo wrestler, taking a bath.)

To see the stereoview effect of some of Enami’s photography, see the animated versions.

GEISHA LOOKING AT PHOTOGRAPHS (1) -- Posthumously Awarded Full Membership in Flickr

(Geisha looking at stereographs in a photograph by T. Enami.)