March 11 Earthquake (I’m OK)

Today I experienced the most dramatic earthquake I have ever been in. Things actually fell down, but what I saw was nothing like what happened up in the Tohoku region. According to the news, it was a magnitude of 8.8, the strongest earthquake ever measured in Japan.

So, I just wanted to post quickly that I am okay, my apartment didn’t suffer major damage, although a few things fell. When the earthquake began, I was cleaning and packing my little red suitcase for a trip to Kyoto. I grabbed my computer and sat under my desk, twittering with friends about what was happening. Books and papers, a vase, a picture in a frame, and a few other things fell, but thankfully nothing was broken. All my utilities work. The only direct impact on my life might be that I can’t go to Kyoto tomorrow as I have been planning for the last month. I’ll have to see if JR is running tomorrow morning.

Since you’ve all seen the horrific pictures from Miyagi and Fukushima up north, here are a few news images of Tokyo.

From Zeit Online:

From Spiegel Online:

3 thoughts on “March 11 Earthquake (I’m OK)

  1. Hi — I’m a classmate & friend of Gene Wild’s. He’s been sending us links to your blog via FB. We’ve had a couple of exchange students,both now living in southern Japan, so I’m very interested in what’s happening in Japan. Your blog is very well done & interesting that I would like to follow it. Best wishes to you.

    1. Dear Chris,

      Thank you for the comment! Southern Japan (as in west and south of Nagoya, Shikoku, and Kyushu) was pretty much unscathed by the disaster. When I was in Kyoto, life seemed to be functioning like normal.

      Warm wishes,

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