Protest on Sunday at Kōenji!

(The banner.)

On Sunday, April 10 at Kōenji (高円寺) in Tokyo, there will be an anti-nuclear power demonstration. I have no idea how large it will be, but I will be there, somewhere near this banner, which we were making today at Lavenderia, a cafe in Shinjuku that I went to for the first time last Sunday. To see the whole banner (all in English with a message to the world), come to the protest! (For those who can’t come, I’ll be posting about it as soon as I can.)

Here the basic information about the protest:

14:00 Gather at Kōenji Central Park (a minute walk from the south exit of Kōenji Sta.)

15:00 Start!

Here’s a map of the route:

(The JR station at the top of the map is Kōenji, near the start and finish of the protest. From 410nonuke.)

For information about this protest and other protests elsewhere in the world, take a look at the 410nonuke site. They’ve got information in various languages if you look around a bit.

It seems that Japanese are finally getting fed up with the status quo. Things can change if we work together to create a better future in this society. This is not just Japan’s problem or the Japanese’ problem. This is something we all have to do together.

International media on political and corporate failure in response to the tragedy:

Petra Kolonko for FAZ (German)

Plutonium and Mickey Mouse on the Economist (on corporate problems within Tepco)

A Crisis of Leadership, Too on the Economist (on political and corporate leadership in response to the triple disaster)

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