At the Kyoto National Museum

I took this picture of two thirteen tier stone pagodas outside the Kyoto National Museum on my recent trip.

Thirteen tier stone pagodas were primarily built in the early Japanese middle ages by the Ritsu sect, another New Buddhist movement that appealed to the masses. I could pull out a lot of historical information about these pagodas and end up spending hours writing this post, but as I’m still sick, I think I’ll have to save that for another time.

In the meantime, I just liked the contrasting construction styles of the pagodas with the main museum building just as they are, right next to each other.

2 thoughts on “At the Kyoto National Museum

  1. Exciting. For some reason I never went to the Kyoto National last summer when I was there…. I remember hearing a rumor it was closed for renovations or something? Do you know the story? Is it open now?

    1. Dear Travis,

      I don’t know much about the renovation except that when I was there, one of the buildings on the museum campus, the Collections Building, was covered in scaffolding. The museum website says it won’t open again until 2013. The Special Exhibitions Building in my photo, though, is open and currently showing an exhibition on Honen that was really spectacular, lots of beautiful original e-maki about Honen’s life and very informative about his form of New Buddhism.


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