Tsubaki Petals

I took these on a recent walk in my neighborhood as I was getting over my cold. I didn’t have the energy to go far from home, but ended up finding a lot of beautiful places and things close by. The almost neon green and deep pink colors at the side of the road caught my attention right away. . .

Any guesses what tsubaki flowers are called in English?

4 thoughts on “Tsubaki Petals

  1. It’s camellia, isn’t it? Not that I’d know what that means if someone said it to me in English either, but you look up a word or a character in the dictionary enough times…. Such a pretty kanji: 椿

    1. Yes! It’s a camellia, but you knew that, Travis. I was wondering if anyone could guess from the flower petals in the picture. . . ;-)

      And I agree, the kanji is really pretty, but I wonder why it has spring in it. I mean, it’s the only flower that blooms in the winter, so that it’s invariably the flower you’ll find displayed in a winter tea room. Hmmm. . . though often they’re displayed as buds. They’ve got really pretty buds.

      Then there’s one in my neighborhood that has striped flowers! (I’ll post a picture soon.) And a friend of mine recently cooked camellia petals and ate them, so they’re edible too! Who knew!

  2. Travis, no don’t worry about it! It wasn’t such a great game to begin with and someone else got to answer it on Facebook anyway. :-)

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