4 thoughts on “Evening Clouds

  1. Mad or tame? Photography can be one or the other: tame if its realism remains relative, tempered
    by aesthetic habits … mad if its realism is absolute and, so to speak, original, obliging the loving and terrified consciousness to return to the very letter of TIME ….
    Roland Barthes

    Found this quotation in the wonderful book by Hiroshi SUGIMOTO
    to Hanna from ch

    1. Dear Christiane,

      Sorry I didn’t reply earlier!

      I think my photography (if it may be called that at all) is tame if anything. I only take pictures of things I think are pretty in some way, even if it’s garbage. I recently took up a camera to show people the world as I see it, since it’s so often easier to communicate with an image than to first convince people the effort of reading a text is worth it.

      I took a quick glance at Hiroshi Sugimoto’s site and will get back to it soon! But first I have to meet with my advisor today and need to prepare!

      As always, thanks!

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