“Sometimes I wish I had a pill to make people disappear.”

by Hanna

I saw this film for the first time a long time ago as a kid, but couldn’t remember how it ended anymore. Watching it again on a hot Sunday afternoon, Paul Newman (“Brick”) and Elizabeth Taylor (“Maggie the Cat”) positively smolder on screen. But not a single character makes themselves lovable, except for maybe Big Daddy in that one moment as he talks of some old memories (apparently a Hollywood addition to the script). The quote I put in the title is said by the family doctor as he leaves, and it really resonates in the minds of the audience, even though it’s not even the best line or best delivered line in the movie.

Of course, I would have continued to have been amazed with this movie, if I hadn’t just found out that revisions were done to Tennessee Williams’ original script to take out the homosexual references for Hollywood. Too bad. It would have made the film only better. . . and resonate even more today.

(Screen stills via Design Sponge.)